Curtain Walls CW 50

Curtain Wall 50 is a façade and roof system that offers unlimited design freedom and allows maximum transparency. As such, CW 50 is available in several design and glazing variants, but also includes different technical variants to comply with specified levels of fire-resistance and thermal insulation.

The design variants offer solutions for both the exterior and the interior of the building. The glazing variants range from using standard pressure plates, to structurally glazed and structurally clamped solutions.

The extensive range of CW 50 profiles meets all requirements of contemporary architecture. With regard to the energetic performance, the system offers solutions in different levels, allowing the use of triple glazing and making the system even applicable for passive house or low energy buildings. In addition to that, dedicated opening types can also be seamlessly integrated; like a parallel opening window, a top hung window, a hidden vent turn and tilt window, but also a flush roof vent for integration in roof applications of CW 50.

Technical Features
  • Visible width interior 50 mm 
  • Visible width exterior 50 mm 
  • Depth vertical mullions 42 - 300 mm 
  • Depth horizontal transoms 5 - 193 mm 
  • Min. Inertia mullions (lx: wind load) 14 cm⁴ 
  • Max. Inertia mullions (lx: wind load) 2690 cm⁴ 
  • Min. Inertia transoms (lx: wind load) 4 cm⁴ 
  • Max. Inertia transoms (lx: wind load) 552 cm⁴ 
  • Min. Inertia transoms (ly: glass load) 8 cm⁴ 
  • Max. Inertia transoms (ly: glass load) 57 cm⁴ 
  • Max. weight element 700 kg 
  • Rebate height 20 mm 
  • Min. Glass thickness 6 mm 
  • Max. Glass thickness 60 mm 
  • Glazing method Fixing by pressure plates  
  • Visible width interior 50 mm 
  • Visible width exterior 50 mm 
  • Air tightness max. test pressure AE 1200 (1200 Pa)
  • Water tightness1200
  • Burglar resistance RC 2/WK 2 and RC 3/WK 3
      Thermal insulation (Uf) 0,8 W/m²K

Other Window Systems

Curtain Walls CW60

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Curtain Wall 60 is an excellent thermally insulated curtain wall system for robust constructions of large glass surfaces, that answers even to the specific needs of sloped or curved constructions. This modular system is designed with intelligently reinforced profiles, allowing the use of glass panels with weights up to 450 kg.

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