Vinyl (uPVC) Doors

One of the most recognized benefits of vinyl doors are their insulating properties. Vinyl windows are made from a plastic called polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC. PVC has a high R-value, which is a numerical value assigned to the amount of insulation a material has. When compared with aluminum, vinyl keeps your heat from escaping during the winter but protects your home from heat entering during the summer.

Combine vinyl windows with double or triple pane glass that is glazed with Low-E and filled with Argon gas for even more insulation. The Low-E prevents harmful UV rays from entering your home and non-toxic argon gas is pumped between the panes to act as another cushion of insulation.

General Features

Our Vinyl system is designed in 5 chambers with a frame width of 70 mm. Considering the higher performance criteria in the design of the system, the profiles are created with the most appropriate construction elements. The design process is considered to include the properties for the insulation (heat and sound), resistance, and tightness as the window performance in addition to the profile.

High Performance for Heat Insulation

In order to offer the best level of heat insulation for your locations, our System is designed in such a way that gathers many important construction elements. This system with 70 mm frame width, 5 chambers, 3 gaskets (middle gasket) included together aims to provide lower heat and conductivity coefficient (Uf). Uf value of our System is 1.3 W/m2K. This ensures a superior U window value (*Uw:0. 95-1.0 W/mK) due to the heat conductivity of the window, profile section and the heating value of the glass.

Technical Features
  • Profile width: 70 mm
  • Number of Cubicles: 5
  • Number of Gaskets: 3(Middle Gasket)
  • Glass Thickness: 24, 30, 36, 44 mm
  • Uf=up to 1.17 W/m2K
Designed for
  • Oceanfront properties
  • Extreme climates
  • Extra large openings
  • Aggressive air, water and energy requirements
  • Single-family homes
  • High rise residential
Available types
  • Tilt&Turn
  • Picture (Fixed)
  • Awning

Standard Colours

Anthracite Grey Dark Oak Golden Oak White

Additional Colours

Ash Black Piedmont Vizon Hazelnut Winchester
Knotty Winches. Cherry Antique Oak Silver Cream

Atlanta Series

Tokyo Series

New York Series

Other Door Systems

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